Australia Financial Services Licence

If you haven’t before applied for an Australia Financial Services Licence, it can be a very intimidating process.

At Alexis we can assist you with all stages of obtaining an Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL).

Ways we can help you
  • Assist with determining your licence authorisations
  • Assist with Responsible Manager selection
  • Provide a checklist which sets out the steps required in the application process
  • Prepare the on-line application
  • Prepare the proofs required to be submitted with the application
  • Prepare responses to any queries on the application
  • Review the draft licence issued by ASIC
  • Provide a licensee compliance manual tailored to your business
  • Provide a Financial Services Guide template
  • Provide a Responsible Manager training session at your office

AFSL Services

Alexis Compliance will assist you in obtaining your own AFSL licence. This includes assisting with the Application Form, preparing the required ASIC Core Proof Documents, submitting your application, and managing the AFSL application process with ASIC by liaising on your behalf. At Alexis, we will make it an easier process by guiding you from beginning to end.

Alexis Compliance also offers AFSL packages to assist in other ways, including:

  • Varying your AFSL
  • Reviewing your AFSL
  • Expanding your licence
  • Providing templates for each of the Core Proofs required to be submitted to ASIC
  • Providing templates for the Additional Proofs required by ASIC in the second phase of your AFSL Application.

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